Bitcoin is Freedom and Freedom is Unstoppable

Freedom of speech and expression is an unalienable right that every human being possesses innately. Most nation states do honor this right, just not to the same degree. The United States for instance is amongst the strongest upholders of this right for its citizens. North Korea, on the other hand, would fall on the opposite end of that spectrum.

Freedom of speech is important when it comes to Bitcoin. Why? Because speech expressed in written form is text and Bitcoin is nothing more than text. Everything about Bitcoin is text, which falls under the protections of free speech.

Your 12 to 24 word seed phrase is text. Bitcoin’s ledger is simply a string of inputs or text. The Bitcoin software which is run by its nodes is text. All the transactions that take place on Bitcoin’s blockchain are text. Even Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, which brought Bitcoin into existence is text.

So, how do you ban or outlaw text or numbers? Can certain letters like x and o be banned or made illegal? Can the numbers 1 and 0 be outlawed anywhere? Of course not. Every attempt to outlaw speech leads to the ridiculous.

Bitcoin is unstoppable as long as speech (text in written form) on planet Earth is acceptable. As long as there is one country who supports freedom of speech (which software is considered to be), Bitcoin will thrive, unfettered.

It’s so incredible and comforting to know that the asset that holds the majority of our wealth is so bullet-proof. Bitcoin is unstoppable and it will be around for thousands of years, just like gold, only better. #hodl


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Oliver L. Velez

Professional trader for 35 years; Author of 5 best-selling books on the topic of trading for a living; Educator; Speaker; Bitcoin Hodler